Riding Lessons
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Riding Lessons
                  at Menomin Meadow Farm
Menomin focuses on FUN and Safety with:

   *Riding lessons   - $25 per 1/2 hour lesson

    *Driving lessons   - $45 per 1/2 hour lesson

    *lessons/coaching in horse handling  $25 per 1/2 hr
    *training  your horse -  call us to discuss

'There is nothing more soothing to the human soul than the sight of a horse.'    Sir Winston Churchill

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CALL the farm   (207) 457-2268   6-8PM  EST

or       email us at  info@menomin.com

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Pictures of some of the lesson students
One of our 6 year old riders,
concentrating on her posting
Youth   Group
a 4yr old just learning to ride
one of our adult riders learning western
Due to the weak economy,
We LOWERED our rates
for YOU!!